Fees & Costs

For the active players and youth groups, the cost of registration is DKK 50, – which includes the ongoing quarter after enrollment date.

For youth, a copy of the health insurance certificate is also submitted for registration in the Danish Rugby Union. In order to obtain a senior license, you must have accident insurance.

The registration form is filled in below, or alternatively you can contact the club’s treasurer info@csr-nanok.dk

The fee is paid every quarter (3 months) to the account 4085 266 2396

Membership type Senior men / women Youth and students Semi active / Oldboys Supporting member Youth support
Subscription 400 kr 300 kr 500 kr 500 kr 50 kr
Paid into account nr. 4085 2662396 January, April, July & October January, April, July & October January & July January January
Total per year 1600 kr 1200 kr 1000 kr 500 kr 50 kr

See table above for membership descriptions
By submitting this form, I consent to providing CSR with my details. CSR will never share these details with any third parties.